Architecture: Institutions

Campus For Magic Bus
Kasturbhai Lalbhai Gallery
Children’s Museum at CSMVS
Hathigaon Phase 2
CEPT University Library
School of Arts and Sciences, Ahmedabad University
Visitor Centre at CSMVS
Amrut Modi School of Management
Tata Institute Of Social Sciences Rural Campus
Kasturbhai Lalbhai Pavilion and Plaza
Shree Adinath Netralaya at Palitana
Think Tank Retreat
Adidev Pragya Teerth
Student Housing
CEPT University Pavilion
Management Training Center
Children of the World
SNDT Institute for Management
Mata Ramabai Ambedkar Worli Smashan Bhumi
CEPT University Canteen and Plaza
Sydney Modern Art Gallery – Competition Finalist
Community Toilets For SPARC
Restoration of Lalbaug Estate
Ayurvedic Hospital
Infant Center for Hearing Impaired Children
Resort in Airoli
Children’s Museum