Architecture Foundation

The central mandate of the Architecture Foundation is the promotion and awareness of Architecture and Urbanization in India. More than ever before in India’s history, the architect’s role as a social agent must be critically delineated and accordingly, the Architecture Foundation’s mission is to address questions of economic, political and cultural change through the role of the architect. To this end, the Foundation seeks to address the deficits of architectural education by promoting a forum for critical research and thinking. This agenda is informed by the impulse to archive, document and disseminate ideas about architecture and city for practitioners while also re-introducing the general public to the saliency of architecture and environmental design, and emphasizing the vital relevance of a public debate about alternative architectural pasts, presents and futures. The Foundation focuses on research projects, discussions, and the production of a public dialogue in order to situate contemporary architecture in its historical context. Equally important, the Foundation is committed to generating awareness concerning architectural and urban practices, ethics and values among the general public at large.

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