Goa 2100 – Sustainable Cities Urban Design

The Goa 2100 project was an international design competition organized under by the International Gas Union in 2003. Seven international teams were invited for the competition and Sanjay Prakash (Sanjay Prakash & Associates, Delhi), together with Aromar Revi (TARU) and Rahul Mehrotra (Rahul Mehrotra Associates, Mumbai) were the team leaders for the Indian team. The resulting proposal for the competition was a planning project for the city of Panjim in Goa, a state in western India. The project looks at planning from a ‘RUrban’ perspective – a method of sustainable development that combines high quality living conditions, a successful economy, and sustainable levels of resource use and waste generation for both the city as well as its rural periphery. The aim of the proposal is to integrate urban and rural communities through physical infrastructure and the formation of symbiotic economic networks. It visualizes the city as a net producer of ecological services rather than a sink for regional and global resources. Click here for full proposal