Architecture of Practice – Research Reflections and Reformulations, RMA Architects 1990 – 2020


An exhibition curated by Kaiwan Mehta
Produced by Goethe Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai and Architecture Foundation
Gallery MMB Mumbai
27 October – 31 December 2021

How does one understand what is the practice of architecture? What makes practices within a generation similar and yet how does a significant practice establish its own routes of work and ideas? Rahul Mehrotra set up his architecture studio in the 1990s one of the most tumultuous decades in India and Mumbai’s history… as a researcher, critic, and academic he has written as much as his studio has built… what does his practice signify, and more importantly what does his practice tell us about our contemporary history? We discuss the idea of architecture practice in contemporary India, while we think along with buildings that 30 years of RMA Architects have designed and built, with a special focus on six recent projects.


2018 – State of Housing – Aspirations, Imaginaries and Realities in India

State of Housing – Aspirations, Imaginaries and Realities in India

Organised by:  Urban Design Research Institute and Architecture Foundation

Curated by: Rahul Mehrotra, Ranjit Hoskote, and Kaiwan Mehta

Goethe Institut – Max Mueller Bhavan, Kala Ghoda.

February 2 – March 18, 2018

Mumbai, India

2017 – The Dabbawala at Seoul Biennale

The Dabbawala: Informality Leveraging Formaility

Curated by Rahul Mehrotra and Michael Jen

Donuimun Museum Village

September 2 – November 5, 2017

Seoul, South Korea

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Rahul Mehrotra and RMA Architects awarded special mention at the 2018 Venice Biennale

Rahul Mehrotra and RMA Architects were awarded a special mention at the 2018 Venice Biennale “for three projects that address issues of intimacy and empathy, gently diffusing social boundaries and hierarchies”. The international jury was composed of Sofía von Ellrichshausen, Frank Barkow, Kate Goodwin, Patricia Patkau and Pier Paolo Tamburelli.

See more at the official website of the Venice Biennale and on ArchDaily.


2016 – The State of Architecture

The State of Architecture: Practices and Processes in India

National Gallery of Modern Art

January 6 – March 20, 2016

Mumbai, India

curated by Rahul Mehrotra, Ranjit Hoskote & Kaiwan Mehta

A project by Urban Design Research Institute


2016 – Ephemeral Urbanism at Venice Bienalle

Ephemeral Urbanism: Cities in Constant Flux

Venice Bienalle of Architecture, “Reporting from the Front”

May 28 – November 27, 2016

Venice, Italy

co-curated by Rahul Mehrotra and Felipe Vera

photographs by Laurian Ghinitoiu


2015 Ephemeral Urbanism

Ephemeral Urbanism

Shenzhen Public Art Center

Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture

December 4, 2015 – March 4, 2016

Shenzhen, China


Exhibition by RMA Research

see website for more information


2015 – MAXXI: FOOD dal cucchiaio al mondo

RMA Research contributed a research project with text and an installation for this exhibition on the architectural issues surrounding food. Presented by the MAXXI museum in Rome, the exhibition is curated by Pippo Ciorra together with Giulia Ferracci, Alessio Rosati and Alessandra Spagnoli. RMA’s research project is titled, ‘The Dabbawallas of Mumbai’.

From the museum:

“Over 50 works by different artists and architects, in a presentation that ranges from the dimension of the human body to that of the planet, from the kitchen to the home, from the city to the region and the world, tackle the global political, social, urban and economic effects that the production, distribution, consumption and disposal of food have on communities and territories.”


Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI Secolo

May 29 – November 8, 2015

Rome, Italy

2013 – Buenos Aires Bienal

RMA Architects awarded the ‘gran premio internacional’ (international grand prix):


“The thinking and practice of the architect Rahul Mehrotra shapes the stage within an extraordinary political, geographical and socially complex environment, to introduce us to the fascinating spiritual labyrinth of the current urban age. It is primarily for this reason that the Bienal de Arquitectura de Buenos Aires recognizes his work and confers on him the international grand prix, as the rational definition of his work is elucidated through its subtle and poetical human perception.”

The award is presented by the Architect Carlos Sallaberry – Director of the Biennale and the Architect, Roberto Converti – member of the Management Committee.


Bienal Internacional de Arqutectura de Buenos Aires

September 21 – October 20, 2013

Buenos Aires, Argentina


2013 – Kinetic City

British School at Rome

5-26 February 2013

Rome, Italy


Exhibition by RMA Research

Interview in ‘ArtTribune’

Rahul Mehrotra was interviewed about the ‘Kinetic City’ exhibition at the British School at Rome for ArtTribune, an Italian online magazine.


View the english translation here.


2011 – Water – Curse or Blessing?

Aedes Gallery

Berlin, Germany

September 9 – October 21, 2011

Exhibition featuring Hathigoan, Village for a hundred elephants


2009 – Working in Mumbai

Wolk Gallery, MIT, Cambridge, USA

February 12 – April 17


Exhibition on the works of RMA Architects


2000 – Memories in Asbestos

Mumbai, India
An installation on interpretations of the Kala Ghoda Art District at Chemould Art Gallery in Mumbai. Installation designed in collaboration with artist Atul Dodiya.