2013 – Buenos Aires Bienal

RMA Architects awarded the ‘gran premio internacional’ (international grand prix):


“The thinking and practice of the architect Rahul Mehrotra shapes the stage within an extraordinary political, geographical and socially complex environment, to introduce us to the fascinating spiritual labyrinth of the current urban age. It is primarily for this reason that the Bienal de Arquitectura de Buenos Aires recognizes his work and confers on him the international grand prix, as the rational definition of his work is elucidated through its subtle and poetical human perception.”

The award is presented by the Architect Carlos Sallaberry – Director of the Biennale and the Architect, Roberto Converti – member of the Management Committee.


Bienal Internacional de Arqutectura de Buenos Aires

September 21 – October 20, 2013

Buenos Aires, Argentina