Mumbai, India

Extension To The Prince Of Wales Museum

Located within the historic Fort Precinct, the Prince of Wales Museum is one of the finest architectural landmarks of the city and a Grade I heritage building as per the Heritage Regulations of Greater Bombay, 1995.  Designed by George Wittet, the architectural vocabulary of the structure built in grey basalt and kurla stone, is strongly representative of the Indo Saracenic genre.  The main elevation is crowned by a dome that, in its profile and sculpture detailing, is reminiscent of and inspired by the sculptural forms of Bijapur’s Gol Gumbaz.

In 1997, the Director and Trustees of the museum took a decision to reconfigure the eastern extension wing in order to optimize the spatial usage of the building.  It was felt that the extension needed to be better integrated with the rest of the gallery spaces and that a more public usage of this space would assist in making this wing more popular with the visitors.  It was also decided to incorporate an additional gallery space within this structure and make the internal circulation more flexible, in order to allow for greater movement between the new exhibition areas.