Alibag, India

Two Bay House

Situated on a plateau at the foothills of the Western Ghats, the house is diagrammatically separated into two bays on the basis of privacy levels of the programs, one for the bedrooms, the other for support spaces. A lap pool separates the two zones, thus creating physical separation yet maintaining a visual connection.  The pool also facilitates the cooling of the house — each bay is one room thick, and thus the breezes that flow through the house are humidified as they blow across the water.

As guests arrive to the gravel forecourt, raised linear planting elements extend the broad horizontal lines of the building into the landscape. Tucked away just off of the mid-landing of the entry steps, an elevated patio accessible from the kitchen wall allows the residents to receive visitors outside of the house, with an impressive vista west to the mountains beyond. The materials used in the house, basalt stone for the plinth and a clay tiled roof, resonate with the building traditions of the rural landscape in which it is set.