Pune, India

House at Peacock Bay

This house, located 30 km outside the city of Pune, is designed for an author of adventure stories for children. The house needed to be a get-away from the city for quiet, concentrated writing. It is located on a spectacular site overlooking a lake called ‘Peacock Bay,’ as its edge is inhabited by roaming peacocks. The house was configured such that at the entry,
the scale of the building was low-slung and the volumes opened up as one moved through the house towards the lake view – making for a rather dramatic experience. As the site is a steep slope, the change in elevation was used advantageously to create spaces which were defined by their location at different levels. A large, singular, terracotta tiled roof covers the house. Structural supporting walls were used as screens to demarcate spaces while remaining visually remaining quite transparent, and thereby connect all parts of the house.

Completion Date: 1997