Fort Walks – 10 Walks in Bombay’s Historic City Center

Each walk takes approximately 30 -40 minutes. A plan showing a suggested route and places of interest is given with each walk. The walks could work well in segments or when combined with other activities such as waiting for a friend or shopping in the area.

A car tour has also been suggested, this could be interesting at night as a number of buildings are now illuminated and more will continue to be lit as awareness of and pride for this historic district increases. A similar tour in a ghoda ghadi (Victoria carriage) is offered by the MTDC (Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation).

In the index, symbols have been used to provide additional information about the buildings. Heritage buildings are indicated by grading, accessibility levels are categorized and buildings that are illuminated are mentioned- this of course will continue to change. As the latter two categories will vary, it would be wise to check this information at the entrance. We also alert you to the possibility of changes with regard to access to interiors we have marked as being accessible at the time this book went into print. We welcome any suggestions and feedback on information or facts recorded in this book.