Rahul Mehrotra Interviewed by Tracés

Rahul Mehrotra was interviewed by Tracés as part of their ‘Being in a Biennale’ interview series. Rahul spoke about RMA Architects’ installation at the 2018 Venice Biennale, which received a special mention from the jury. See the interview here.

Rahul Mehrotra Lecture in Johannesburg

Rahul Mehrotra will give a lecture on July 26 in Johannesburg, South Africa as part of the GSA Boogertman+Partners International Lecture Series. Events begin at 18:00 in the FADA Auditorium at the University of Johannesburg.

Rahul Mehrotra Interviewed on Architecture Talk

Rahul Mehrotra discussed Ephemeral Urbanism with Vikram Prakash on Architecture Talk. Listen to the full interview here.

Episodes of Architecture Talk are curated conversations with contemporary critics on architecture, and architectural thinking.


Extreme Urbanism III

Extreme Urbanism III – Planning for Conservation: Looking at Agra


ArchDaily has featured the recently published book, Extreme Urbanism 3: Planning for Conservation: Looking at Agra, edited by Rahul Mehrotra, Vineet Diwadkar and José Mayoral Moratilla.

See the article here.

Rahul Mehrotra on India: The Urban Transition by Henrik Valeur

Rahul Mehrotra on Henrik Valeur’s book, India: The Urban Transition – A Case Study of Development Urbanism: “I very much enjoyed the range of issues touched upon and based on first hand experiences! The fine grain reading of issues in the Indian city is an important contribution so is the attempt to connect so many dots to make sense of the moving targets we encounter in Urbanism in India.”


Boom and Leisure (AU) feature on ‘Kinetic City’ exhibition

Rahul Mehrotra will bring the programme Urban Landscapes-Indian Case Studies to a close with his lecture and exhibition The Kinetic City.

During this programme, we have looked at some of the consequences of “top-down” formal master planning in Delhi’s desolate new towns through the eyes of contemporary photographers, and have considered ways of compensating or adjusting to some of the problems which result from the imposition of over-determined spatial visions, a theme that Rahul Mehrotra in particular will discuss and other guest writers have considered. Full article here.


Drome Magazine (IT) feature on ‘Kinetic City’ exhibition

“Rethink the Indian cities is not only possible, but mandatory. That’s why, until February 26th 2013, The British School at Rome hosts The Kinetic City, the exhibition realized by the Indian architect and town planner Rahul Mehrotra. A collection of pictures and notice boards that show the consequences of the urbanization in the country.” Full article here.

Interview in ‘ArtTribune’

Rahul Mehrotra was interviewed about the ‘Kinetic City’ exhibition at the British School at Rome for ArtTribune, an Italian online magazine.


View the english translation here.


WHAT WE CALL WINTER: A Production Set for Ideas

(Bombay: 5-8 December 2012)

Convenors: Rahul Mehrotra, Ranjit Hoskote, Kaiwan Mehta

‘WWCW is a constellation of events that is designed to open up various directions of cultural and historical inquiry while eluding fixed institutional or disciplinary mandates. It will act as a stage for new relationships to emerge among initiatives in the arts, architecture, urbanism and culture at large. WWCW is presented as a production set for ideas that will, we hope, circulate into the cultural bloodstream of Bombay. It is a prototype for a full-scale festival of ideas, which is intended to take place in 2013.’


Lecture at ETH Zürich

Rahul will be speaking at the ETH Zürich this Monday at 3:45pm as part of the ‘Urban Mutations on the Edge’ Lecture series.